Sam Ruston


I'm a designer and developer from Yorkshire, England focused on designing apps & websites that delight users. I'm a top developer on the Play Store and was given a Material Design award by Google. View some of my work below or download a copy of my portfolio.

BuzzKill allows you to see the notifications you want to see when you want to see them and filter out those you don't. BuzzKill provides a set of actions you can trigger such as: dismissing, restoring, snoozing, auto-replying, cooldown & custom vibrations and many more.

Bouncer changes Android's permission model to increase privacy without adding complicated behaviours and tools for the user. Without need to root, the user can benefit from a more secure experience that increases battery life.

Knockify's goal was to build an experience that had almost no visual element but was extremely productive for users. It communicates to users through sequences of vibrations and allows the user to respond by knocking on their phone.

Luci is a lucid dreaming companion based around a dream journal. The aim was to provide a welcoming experience to lucid dreaming that provided functionality for experts whilst remaining inviting to beginners.

Hurry is a complete re-imagining of a countdown app. It has a dark theme with striking gradients, gif backgrounds and animations that will keep you pumped for your favourite upcoming events. And if you just need to pass away the time it's got a mini-game inside.

This design uses a dark muted map with a striking (get it?) yellow theme to provide strong contrast. The custom detail box resembles the app's notification on an Apple Watch to provide synergy between the 2 interfaces.

Yet another take on a weather app. It removed the traditional approach of having separate screens for now, soon and later and condensed the info into a single timeline. It was picked for editor's choice and is one of the top weather apps on the Play Store, along with earning me a Material Design award.

This app was designed to be minimal and to echo a lot of the design principles from iOS and Apple's health suite. It condenses a lot of complex information into a user friendly manner so the user doesn't feel like checking pollen is another chore.

Flamingo was a premium alternative to the Twitter app with increased customisability and functionality and is often rated by top Android blogs as one of the best Twitter clients. It was unpublished in 2018 when it hit the maximum amount of users. (Source)

A beautiful iOS app to help users observe the northern lights with maps, charts and everything else you need.

CoinCalc was one of the first converters to embrace material design. It's a lean mean currency-converting machine with beautiful animations to boot. The arrows of the switch button even change with the colour of the currency.

Flush is an app that crowdsources public toilet locations so that when you need to go, you can. It has been publicised on radio, TV and numerous top blogs (such as

Here are some prototypes that haven't hit production yet (and probably never will). Firstly, a crowdfunding app that visualises donations as balls. Second, using parallax to give the user a sense of depth over more conventional shadows. Lastly a flight tracking app. All built using Framer.

Tippy was an anonymous social network to share lifehacks and tricks with other users to save money, time or just have fun.

Craft is a guide that provides recipes, enemy info and more for the widely popular game Minecraft. It has amassed over 1 million downloads and even has Android Wear support (you can ask your watch for a particular recipe in case you're currently battling a horde of Endermen)